Fingerless gloves for you to make!

Boy this is one late post! Fact is, I've had this pattern since before I even started this blog! But I just never found time to try it out, and not until the chill of this fall was I motivated to put down my thread crochet and make something for myself for once....fingerless gloves!

Now why didn't I do it sooner? Here I have been complaining about how cold my hands get when I crochet or play the piano, and these are perfect! They allow my fingers to move around freely, while still providing cozy comfort.
The pattern I used can be found at monpetitviolon's shop.

Here is the finished product. I even happened to have a french manicure for the pictures lol!

I have really small hands, and the pattern was a size medium, so I just used a really thin yarn and did a smaller gauge.
I wore them the other night to my sister's bridal shower, and I got lots of compliments on them. My friend, who is making my bridesmaid dress for me, even asked me to make her a pair!

For more lovely crochet patterns on Etsy, check out her shop, monpetitviolon's shop.


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