From my 22nd birthday!

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I know you all already wished me a happy birthday, but I finally found time amidst the chaos to upload some pictures from the camera. Here is one of me right before the candles where lit.

That is a very yummy mocha meringue cake, my choice since I am allergic to glutton and can't eat most kinds of cakes.
But this was better anyway, because it is baked meringue with mocha flavored cream and chocolate all piled together! Oh yeah!

Now I'm hungry for more mocha meringue lol!

I also received this Cd by Calvin Jones, which is wicked cool because I have been wanting it for a long time, especially since I'm learning some of the pieces written by him.

Ok, so I'm off to pack...I'm headin to Texas with my sister for a week or so to visit her fiancee, and we leave early in the morning. Have a blessed week everyone!


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Michele P. said...

happy belated bday! And that cake looks yummy, hope you enjoyed it!