Interview with KreativLink, creator of amazing leather journals!

These have got to be the most beautiful handmade journals I have ever seen! Kreativlink is the talented artist, you can visit her shop at

Read on if you are curious to know more about the artist who creates these amazing leather journals!

Tell us a bit about you and your family!

KreativLink: I'm in my second marriage with a great German guy. We are living with my adult son and a crazy little dog in a tiny little house here in a rather boring part of Austria.

Me: What do you make?

KreativLink: I make books. Beautiful ones, crazy ones, mysterious ones ... I also have fun doing a bit of painting and drawing, fooling around with polymer clay and just trying my hands on any creative activity that there is.

Me: When did you start creating, and why?

KreativLink: I've been a self employed web programmer since 96 and always did some drawing on the side. The need to make my own sketchbooks came very quick and from there on, making the books was more fun than drawing or programming.

Me: Is this a full time job, or part time?

KreativLink: It's my full time job now. Last year I dropped all my programming work and have been a full time crafter ever since. Have to say that there is not much left after paying all the taxes and insurances so - it would not be possible without my supporting hubby. Yet. I still hope :)

Me: How did you decide on your business name?

KreativLink: I used Kreativlink already for my web design business. Back then I choose this name for the Website that "linked" to all my creative work. Web design, programming and the portrait drawing I did for some time.

Me: Do you have any inspirations, or someone you find especially inspiring to you?

KreativLink: Nature is my first source for inspiration. But living in these times, it's nearly impossible to not see other peoples work and get inspired at some point.

Me: Do you have a favorite piece you created?

KreativLink: No, not really. I love most of what I create :)

Me: Do you photograph your own creations? If so, tell us a bit about that, or mention the talented photographer.

KreativLink: I do it myself. Wish I'd have someone else doing it, though :)
For the longest time I used a self-built lightbox down in our basement. With super strong lights - like the ones that are used on construction sites! That worked great - apart from having the colors wrong all the time ... So lately I changed to three daylight bulb lamps on one of my desks here, and a sheet of white paper. That gives me colors more true, but the lights are not strong enough and I still have to adjust a lot in photoshop. But at least, I don't have to go down into the basement any longer... :)

Me: Do you attend any fairs/shows?

KreativLink: No

Me: Where can we see your work?

KreativLink: Well, there is my Etsy shop:
I have one on Dawanda:
Or my Flickr account:

Me: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

KreativLink: I'm the worlds biggest frozen snickers eater. And it shows, oh yeah! :)

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself! I enjoyed getting to know you better, and I hope my readers will check out your shop to view all of your creative work!

Oh, and I love snickers too...especially ice cream ones!!!

Many blessings!



Dina Fragola said...

Great feature! And K's journals make great presents too :)
Can I have a snicker ?

Star of the East said...

Fun interview with a fun artist, gorgeous journals!

ira said...

is always fun to know more about K!:)

Anonymous said...

Kreativ's journals are always fun and lively, inspirational and innovative. I have one of her journals, and never cease to write my ideas in it. Now it is used up, I still keep it as my pride. :) Great feature on this happy talent!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Wondeful post! Thank both of you so much for sharing!

ingermaaike said...

Yup most assuredly my very fave yournal maker around! I have two of them, both a little crazy :-D

vadjutka said...

Great interview, but too less words on her paintings. I love them as well!

Avlor said...

fabulous journals! Had to go favorite a few right away on Etsy!

karuski said...

She's such a great Etsian, a wonderful person with truly original art! I'm a happy owner of her loovely journal as well.

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn how to make Journals like these any suggestions?