This has got to be the most awesome announcement ever!
First off, I will tell you that I will post here as often as I can, but, I will probably be very slowed down for the next 3 moths or so.

You see, my sister just got engaged, and they are planning a rush wedding to take place in about 3 months! I'm going to be busy busy busy helping with the wedding plans!

I need your submissions more than ever now, to make it easier on me for a while. Don't be afraid to submit an article or tutorial here, so I can put it up.

This is my sister and husband to be. Aren't they cute?!

I've never done engagement pictures before, so posing them was a new challenge...and they are going to save kissing and all that for after the wedding, so obviously, we couldn't have any of those kind of poses!

Hopefully I will be back with another article soon...and I hope to see more of your submissions!


teri said...

fun for you and your family

Mandaleighta said...

Congrats to them! The pictures are very sweet and well-posed! (we didn't kiss in ours either) :)