Some things about me...

So, I thought I'd tell you a bit about me, just because I want to!

I love Nikon. Yes I know, Canon is a classic, but I'm just a Nikon nut!

I love love love mac. I don't mean to be mean to PC users, but I really don't like PC! Sorry!

I love piano music. Classical, modern, soundtracks, etc. It's all good! Well, almost. I suppose I'm not a fan of jazz or blues piano music.

I love to shop. Though most of the time my shopping consist of looking and not buying.

Photography is also one of my great passions. You can see a bit of my portfolio here, though it's not finished yet :( I have much more to add to that site.

I like to listen to very loud music with headphones while I am cleaning.

I like to play Super Mario World and Yoshi's island on Sunday afternoons.

I read Star Wars constantly. I have read all of the books, and am rereading some of them (I'm on the Jedi Academy trilogy right now).

I like sci-fi movies a lot.

I tend to get a little ditsy sometimes with juggling all of my activities.

I like to wear big earrings, hoops and chandeliers especially.

I love blogging. I have 3 "main" blogs, this one, Dolce Musica (my personal blog), and BackLight Photographic. I am also a publisher for one of Timothy Adam's Blogs, Found Handmade. See? I do too many blogs!

I am the "computer/code/gadget" person of our house. Someone needs html coding done on their website? Got it. Someone can't figure out how something works? Got it.

That folks, is a bit about who I am. Hope you, um, enjoyed it!

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