Featuring Love Laurie, handcrafted sewing accessories

This week I found some fun stuff beautifully handcrafted from the shop, LoveLaurie, a shop full of handcrafted sewing accessories for the sewer!

My favorite thing from this shop is this handcrafted sunflower seam ripper and threader set. Isn't it pretty?
What is it you wonder? Look closely...the leaf with the ladybug has a threader on the end of it. Pull the sunflower out of the spool and it is a seam ripper! And it's all put together on this spool. How crafty is that?

There are also these beautiful handmade pincushions. The first picture is a black with white polka dots, and a blue flower pincushion.
The second is a wrist pincushion with a yellow flower. Handy, I bet!

Lets do one more! This is another handy pincushion, called a spool sitter. You can put this on your spool of thread. This one is for the tomato lover!

You can check out more handcrafted sewing accessories at Love Laurie's shop!

All photos have been used by permission.
Please contact the shop owner before you use these photos.

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Julie said...

Her items are so darling-I need to go ck out her shop :)