Featuring Heidi's Handmades

Am I on a soap kick, or am I on a soap kick?!

Yes, I'm always on a soap kick come to think of it!

I found a shop that has some pretty cool soaps, and the one that really caught my attention was this one! I think my mom would like this, because she loves coffee. I myself don't drink coffee, but I do love the smell of it!
So here it is...made by Heidi's Handmades, a Creamy Coffee bar of soap! To bad it's not edible...because I'd REALLY like to eat it!

Also this Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub looks good! Pumpkin is one of my favorite scents.

Many more goodies can be found at Heidie's Handmades, including bubble baths, body sprays, creams and butters, message oils, candles, and much more!
Hope you take the time to visit!

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Heidi Price said...

Johanna, Thank you so much for featuring me with this wonderful review!! I am honored to be part of your lovely blog! Thanks ~ Heidi