Featuring Fair Child Art

I recently came a across a really lovely shop, Fair Child Art. At this shop you will find amazing little dollhouse miniatures, as well as really unique jewelry. I was amazed at how well photographed everything was, and the intricate detail of such small items!
Her handmade dollhouse miniatures are sculpted to 1 inch or less from polymer clay.

Take for instance, these tiny little pancakes for your dollhouse. I get hungry just looking at them. They look real!

Mmmm, how about this cherry crumble pie? Hmm, we just canned some cherries at our house, this gives me a few ideas about life sized pies....

Oh yummy! Chocolate covered strawberries! (or straw babies, as my almost 3 year old nephew would say :-D)

Now this is really fun! Food earrings! These are peach earrings, with sterling silver ear wires. Hey, I canned a whole bunch of peaches just yesterday too!

And if you like chocolate chip cookies, then these earrings are just the thing!

Each piece of jewelry and dollhouse miniature are made from polymer clay, and I am quite impressed with the intricate detail of such small pieces....oh wait, I already said that didn't I? Oh well, I said it again!
I'll have to stop posting pictures too, because I could just keep going, they are all so pretty!
Check out her shop, there's lots more...there's chocolate cakes, chips and dip, pizza, cookies, rolls, cheeses, and much more!


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Maria Allen said...

No way..these looks so real!! Beautiful work!