Featuring Coffee, Banana, and Chocolate Soap From The Dirty Housewife

Recently I ran across a blog, The Dirty Housewife, where I met Tanya. Tanya makes wonderful soaps, and I was privileged enough to have Tanya contact me about trading. She liked my bookmarks, and I liked her soap, so we traded! You can visit her shop and check out the awesome soaps here.

I am quite happy with my bar of soap. It's very pretty, smells good, and is healthy (I love healthy, especially when it comes to skin.)
And what exactly is the soap I got? It's the WAKE AND BAKE Cannabis Banana Chocolate Coffee! Used it today, and loved it! Go get yourself some!


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Alexus1325 said...

I totally added that to my etsy faves list! Just imagining the smell is divine!!!