Featuring Good Karma Soaps

This week I found a delightful soap shop on Etsy! Goodkarmasoap has an awesome soap selection for kids and adults of all ages. I fell in love with several of her selections immediately! Please note, these soaps are not edible. They are made with goats milk, shea butter, honey, vitamin E, and many other healthy ingredients that are extremely healthy for your skin.

These soaps where made with talent and a great imagination!

Lets start with the kids!

Holy cow, I looove this cute little turtle! And yes, he's all made out of soap, so he will make you squeaky clean! Heck, you don't even have to be a kid to like him!

And of course, everyone knows that mice like cheese!

Now for the adults...

Oh my word.....it's...it's...it's a pecan pie! *died and went to heaven*

Is that chocolate?!! MMMMMM! It's a bar of white and brown chocolate soap.

Now for a treat...These soaps are shipped to you with attached tags. What's so special about that? Well, the tags are pieces of paper that have wild flower seeds glued to them, so you can plant the piece of paper. Is that awesome or what?

Those are my just some of my favorites. There are also soaps that are made to look like gemstones, (I think they would be perfect gifts for jewelry makers and gemstone lovers) and so many cute little creepy crawlies and animals! Must go check it out for yourself, you'll soon know why I'm dying after looking through the shop! Visit GoodKarmaSoaps.

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Satin Dolly said...

wow...those are amazing. What a great find! I love the cheese and mice. super cute