The Trellis Headband!

I've never been able to wear headbands because my hair is so fine, and headbands tend to slide around. I'm not the only one with this trouble!
But it looks like Threadmill has come up with a stylish solution...the Trellis Headband!
Designed to stay in place while offering cool comfort during the hot summer, the Trellis Headband stays put all day without constant adjustments!

These work amazingly for both long and short hair.

The Pink Twist Trellis is a gorgeous headband.

Trellis Garden Headband in Goth Black

Threadmill also has hats, snoods, bandannas, scrubbies, and much more.
Here's one of her gorgeous hats!
Sand Dollar Beach Hat

For more beautiful crochet designs, check out Threadmill's Shop!

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