Featuring RedBarbi

Today's feature is the shop, Red Barbi. This shop has a variety of useful things.

Here is a cute wrist pillow to soothe your wrists while you are on the computer. Looks really comfy and won't slide around!
One of my personal favorites from the shop, this beautiful traveling tissue holder. It's perfect for spring. And you might want to carry Red Barbi's business card with you! people will be envying you every time you pull this out of your purse, and want to know where to get one!

You will find lots of beautiful and creative things that will come in real handy at redbarbi's shop. Please take a look at Red Barbi's shop.


BrigaBauble said...

I have both a wrist pillow and a business card holder made by Barb (in pink flamingo fabric!!!) and I love them both. I highly recommend both products--as well as everything else Barb makes.


redbarbi said...

treasures, thanks so much for showing my shop on your blog. This is one of the nicest things to have been done for me. I also love your shop, such nice crafts.

If you want something with a different color, please just ask, I do custom orders all the time.

Thanks again :)

designsbykari said...

Great spot Joy, You've really done a wonderful thing here with your blog. I'm following now!

knotaway said...

I'm going to be following, too. Love your blog!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

That looks great right there.

Sunset Soaps said...

such a pretty tissue holder!