The Two Powers That Get Your Name Out There

So you have an Etsy shop, and you've listed items. You have unique products. You worked long and hard, though you did, for the most part, enjoy it. Now. How the heck do you get your name out there, so people will buy?

I'm going to give you two good ways to do this, because these ways have been working for me! My shop has been growing, and slowly but surly, I've been accumulating more sales.

The Power of Listing.

I've probably stated this somewhere on a previous post, but I'll say it again. List something every day, or almost every day. But won't that take up a lot of money before long, you ask? Well sure. But you will also get more sales, so it won't matter. You may not get sales immediately, but in the long run, I think you really will!
You see, every time you list something, it goes to the top of the search engine until you eventually get bumped way down by others listing similar items with similar keywords. Many people don't look past the first few pages, and you will soon be out of sight. This is especially true for jewelry artisans, because there is a LOT of jewelry being listed every day!
So to stay on top, you need to keep listing! More people will see you, you will get more views, and eventually, you will get more sales.
Take just $1o and set it aside for listing. You can list quite a bit with $10!

The Power of Interaction.

That's right. You need to be socially active. While there are many places where you can socialize, the best place to do it is right on etsy, in the forums! Post post post post! I didn't say spam. Did I say spam? Don't do spam! Be friendly, give advice, discuss interesting things! I'm involved in lots of social networking sites, but I have the most success on Etsy. I think part of it is because people who are not on Etsy already don't really know what it is, so don't bother creating an account so they can buy. But on Etsy, people know all about what's going on, and they are happy to support you! We buy from eachother, really. I buy makeup. Sometimes trinkets. And I sell my crochet to other Etsy sellers. It all works out quite nicely!

Give these two powers a try for the next couple of months and see what happens. I bet you will see more sales coming in, and you will certainly get more exposure, not to mention all the great people from around the world you will meet.

One more piece of advise before signing off...don't focus to much on the money. Focus on building a relationship, and getting to know people. You will be glad you did!

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Elephunk said...

Thanks for these tips! I'm doing my best to stay active on the social side of etsy, and half my sales half come from that!