Treat yourself with these unique massage candles!

Everyone loves soft, healthy skin, And candles too. And after talking to Beth Merriman, I discovered the two could be combined! Beth makes a unique candle called Massage Candles. All you do is light your candle, let it burn for 30 minutes, blow it out and pour the melted oil into your hands and massage yourself with it. Don’t worry, the oil doesn’t get too hot, and it won’t burn! These special candles are made with soy wax, which liquefies at a lower temperature, so no need to worry about it getting too hot. Shea butter and cocoa butter leave your skin silky smooth and has no greasy residue. Some of Beth’s candles contain essential oils, which can improve your mood, and ease aches and pains.

Beth loves handmade things. She crochets, cooks, and even dabbles in soap making.

Beth got started when she first made a batch of candles as gifts. She says, I made my first batch of candles as gifts and promptly fell in love - I loved how they looked, how they smelled, how they made my skin feel. People asked if I sold candles, so I made a few more. Eventually I realized I could actually make a little nest egg money doing something that didn’t feel like work at all.

Beth is close to her mother, who was her first inspiration. My mother, who lives in New York State, loves visiting me in San Diego and it’s very hard for her to leave sometimes. I tease her that I should send her “California sunshine in a box” to cheer up her gloomy days. When I take walks in the park, I’m overwhelmed by the smells of jasmine, plumeria and eucalyptus. So I thought I’d make Mom a candle that would remind her of San Diego.

If there’s anyone who is supportive and inspiring to Beth, it’s her sister, Joan. Beth has been trying to get her to join her business. They spend a lot of time talking about ingredients, properties of essential oils, and bouncing ideas off each other. She never says that I can’t do something, or that I shouldn’t, says Beth, she simply helps me figure out how.

Beth finds inspiration in anything that is bright and vivid, with lots of detail. She like Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O’Keefe. her major in college was English literature and theater, and she’s working in backstage theater now. The plays she works on inspire her. She’s developing a “Shakespeare” line of products, based on botanicals mentioned in the plays: love-in-idleness, Tudor roses, violets, and rosemary.

And now the fun part. When I asked Beth what the first thing she ever made was, I got an answer that made me smile. Kids are great! She says, First thing, ever? I made a full wall mural (well, as high as I could reach) in crayon at age two when I heard my mom was bringing home a little sister.
Her first candles were vanilla.

Beth and I have something in common. We both love crochet! Beth doesn’t sell her crochet online yet, but one of her favorite projects are her crocheted elephants. She made her own pattern. They stand about a foot tall, and she has sold about 8 of them to friends and co-workers. Beth makes her elephants to order-the customer picks the color, fiber, and special accents or accessories. Beth says her elephants make her so happy! Each elephant is unique and seems to develop it’s own personality, making it hard to let them go.

But most of all, she loves to make people happy with them. Everyone that sees them immediately lights up with a smile. I guess I like making people happy - it gives me such a rush when I can pry a laugh out of someone.

Right now Beth resides in San Diego where she has lots of great friends, and is dating a great guy. Her Mom and brother live in New York State, and her sister is in Northern California.

Though Beth is currently selling massage candles, she would like to expand to other bath & body products, like lotions, bath fizzies, and scrubs.

You can visit Beth’s Etsy shop, Chicken Scratch. You’ll love her products!

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