Today, I decided to pounce! That's a neat feature on Etsy that allows you to discover new shops that haven't had a sale yet. Pretty cool, don't you think? There are lots of new shops that have lovely things, so lets help em get some exposure, shall we?

Lets start with ByTheBy, a neat shop with baby clothes. What a cute jumper! If you have a toddler around your house, or know of someone who does, then you should definitely check into her shop. There's more where this one came from!

And then there is Lloyd, the thread teddy bear crocheted by Floh13. I just couldn't pass him up! He is so adorable and tiny.

Now for some jewelry. If you love chainmail jewelry, then check out SMGJewelry, she has some great pieces for sale, and she does custom work too.

Fairlyunique has some lovely hair things in her shop. This comb is a vintage comb, which she wired a vintage flower hair pin to. I think it's fairly unique myself!

Well, that does it in new shops for today. I would do more, but running out of time. I figure I should pounce out some shops every couple of weeks and let you all know about them here.

Until then, have a good un!


Jaci said...

Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog! I really enjoyed reading through all your entries - you have found some neat products and artists!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Great finds! Love that hair accessory!